Ahoy Mateys! It’s Talk like a Pirate Day

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In light of ‘Talk like a Pirate Day’ we thought we would inspire you to encourage children to get involved with a snap shot of our selection of ships!

Role play is hugely important to children during their earlier ages, not only for them to be able to play but to encourage imaginative play and develop real life skills.

We have a great range of Role play products, our most popular being our Ships! Having over 7 ships, we are sure there will be something suitable for you!

We have chosen 5 of our top nautical playground developments to give you an idea of what the product brings to the area and how it completely transforms a play space.

Howard Junior School

Wanting to encourage imaginative and physical play Howard Junior School chose our Pirate Ship as this was perfect for meeting the requirements they had set out. The Pirate Ship covers a wide variety of play aspects as well as allowing large groups of pupils to play together at one time. The Ship includes a tubular slide, cargo net, ‘walk the plank’ and a net bridge to challenge children whilst they use their imagination to create different pirate scenarios. Bright blue & golden yellow Wetpour safety surfacing was laid under the ship to create the illusion of sea and sand.

Western Road Community Primary School

Western Road Community Primary school wanted to completely redevelop their existing outdoor play area to make it look vibrant and add different elements of play including role play, physical play and creative play. Our Viking Ship was installed into the area to not only allow imaginative play but to provide a seating area for the children too! We laid blue Wetpour safety surfacing around the fish with inlaid fish to really spark the children’s imagination and add a touch of fantasy to the area.

Willows Primary School

Willows Primary School wanted to create a focal piece within their outdoor play space that would meet their budget and provide the children with equipment that would spark their imagination whilst still developing fundamental movement skills. With a huge range of play features including a slide, wobbly bridge, cargo net and more, the Pirate Ship Midi Timber was perfect as the school as wanted to keep a rustic feel to the area. Again, we laid Blue Wetpour safety surfacing under the Ship to create the ultimate play area.

John Ray Infants School

After suffering a fire, John Ray Infant School needed to rebuild their entire site. Being a new build school, they were looking to create an outdoor space that would bring vibrancy to the EYFS playground and provide physical and imaginative play. Working with the School, together we decided our First Mate Pirate Ship would be perfect as the climbing elements provides the physical side and the ship itself offers an open minded play option for children to sail upon the open seas and with the blue Wetpour safety surfacing laid to create the appearance of the sea, children really get into character. Overall, the First Mate provides many development options for children whilst still having fun!

Duffield Meadows Primary School

Alongside an installation of Trim Trail at Duffield Meadows Primary School, they wanted to make sure they added had an element of role play. To do this, we added our Teepees and our Galleon Ship. This eye-catching piece of equipment is designed to encourage imaginative and physical play as children work together to create new and exciting scenarios whilst developing key social communicative and imaginative skills.

If our Ships have given you inspiration and you want to add something different to your outdoor play area, contact us today. We have a team of friendly advisors waiting to hear from you and assist. Don’t forget we offer a free design and consultation service.