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Advent Calendar Round Up: Week 1

Coloured Bar

 1. Jungle Climber Maxi

Price: £6,980 exc VAT 

Suitable for ages 5-11

Our Jungle Climber Maxi is part our popular range of Climbers, this product is designed to provide a challenge in the playground. Using rounded timbers these climbing frames are born out of children’s natural desire to climb trees. Encouraging children to use their imagination for unstructured play and great fun all round.

Key Features:Spiral Stairs, 3 x Notched Ladders, Criss Cross Climber, Net with Climbing Blocks, 2 x Cargo Nets, Rope Walk, Balance Beam.

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2. Mud Kitchen Midi

Price: £2,598 exc VAT

Suitable for ages Under 5 – 7

The innovative Mud Kitchen Midi has been designed with the Early Years Foundation Stage in mind. The Mud Kitchen Midi provides children with a sensory area in which they can experiment, grow, and learn to work together in order to solve problems and build upon their communication skills through exploratory and sensory play.

Key Features: 2 square water trays, Shelf, Worktop, Utensil brackets, 2 recipe chalk boards.

3. Tyre Crossing

Price: £857 exc VAT

Suitable for ages Under 5 – 11


The Tyre Crossing is a real hit in the Trim Trail range because kids love it. They’ll climb over them. They’ll crawl through them. However your pupils do it, they’ll have great fun negotiating the swinging tyres on this playground favourite. Overall it provides a great challenge and tricky way to get from one side to the other, great for testing children’s balance and coordination.


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4. Galleon

Price: £2,485 exc VAT

Suitable for ages Under 5 – 7


Sail the open seas in our Galleon! This eye-catching piece of equipment is designed to encourage physical and imaginative play as children work together to create new and exciting scenarios, whilst developing key social, communicative and imaginative skills. Perfect as part of a role play area or as a stand-alone product, the Galleon is suitable for any playground environment.


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