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Accessibility – Play For All

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Here at Creative Play, we believe every child should have access to play, regardless of age or abilities.

We are constantly striving to improve our offerings to our customers – this includes ensuring everyone has the option to search for playground equipment in a way more comfortable to them.

Excitingly, we are pleased to now announce that our website now complies with WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines)!

At the click of a button, you can now transform our website to meet your needs. From impaired vision, ADHD conditions, epilepsy, dyslexia plus so much more… This includes issues like captions for videos, text that can be adjusted for contrast, colour, text size and spacing, font, and similar factors that make it easier to read.

In an effort to offer more inclusive and accessible services, we believe these step helps our customers.

Page 1 website results on google use around 1,500 words on average. Why not increase the size of the font for easier reading, or even change the font to something you are more comfortable with. You can even change the font colour, size, as well as the page background colour!

We also wanted to provide an operable site, giving those with motor disabilities, weak muscles, injured limbs etc, a navigable site. This means our site can be navigable entirely by keyboard, sight-assisted navigation, and other alternatives to a classic mouse.

While making an effort to make our website more accessible, we also wanted to make the website free-flowing, easier to read and most importantly, understandable. It is very easy to feel lost on a website that uses complex jargon or complicated instructions. Although it is impossible to completely eliminate this, we have tried to offer comprehensive breakdowns in all that we can provide, along with step by step guides, FAQ’s and a live chat function for an instant response.

There are many great options at the click of a button catering for many disabilities – give it a go by clicking the blue button on the bottom left hand-side of the screen!