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Different Types Of Outdoor Play

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It can be difficult to encourage children to play outdoors, especially when they are so enthralled by their video games.

However, with outdoor equipment for kids, you can certainly encourage children to get outside more and enjoy some healthy fun! So, with that being said, below, we are going to take a look at some of the different types of outdoor play for children so you can get some ideas and inspiration.

Of course, we first need to highlight why outdoor play is so important. This plays a key role in terms of encouraging social interactions and chasing physical pursuits, both of which are critical when it comes to the development of a child.

Games with rules

There is only one place to begin, and this is with games that have rules. Of course, there are many different games that have rules, including sports such as football, netball, and baseball.

Target practice also has rules that need to be followed. This is important because it helps children to learn how to be disciplined while still enjoying play, which is a critical life lesson.

Socio-dramatic play

A good playground needs to have structures that children are able to reconfigure, adapt, change, and impose their own meaning on. These are the sort of structures whereby children can really use their imagination, such as forts and playhouses. Structures like this will encourage rich sociodramatic play further.

Social play

In addition to the types of play that we have mentioned so far, you also need to consider social play. Look for opportunities for your children to develop social competencies and skills, for example, playing in the sand together, pulling a waggon carrying another little one, or pushing one another on the swing.

Roleplay games also involve children playing together.

Social activities are a must to help your child develop key skills and to engage with other children in a fair and positive manner.

Constructive play

Next, we have constructive play, which is encouraged by using blocks, woodwork, a place for art, and sand and water play. This is the sort of play that small children love the most.

Physical play

Last but not least, we have physical play, which should be encouraged by the likes of large areas of hills and grass, tricycle paths, swings, and climbing equipment.

The sort of outdoor equipment you choose for your playground, will depend on the age of the children who will be using it. So, if you are looking for climbing equipment for toddlers and infants, opt for very basic equipment, such as slides, small steps, and crawling tunnels.


So there you have it: an insight into some of the different types of outdoor play that children can enjoy in the playground.

It is important to think about different ways that we can make outdoor fun more appealing, and the creative ideas and suggestions that we have mentioned above are a great place to start.