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Woodlander Towers

Greenwood - WO102

from £3580

Thetford - WO103

from £7460

Heartwood - WO106

from £14840

Epping - WO109

from £6590

Sherwood - WO110

from £12480

At Creative Play, we are passionate about offering exciting play opportunities to young people, with our woodlander towers offering one of the most engaging and exhilarating play spaces in our range. There are a variety of different wooden playground towers on offer, with each of them having their arrangement in terms of ladders, nets and/or slides.

Having helped hundreds of different schools, parks and nurseries to design and install the ideal playground equipment for their setting, we are highly skilled at guiding our clients towards finding the best fit for their children and young people. One of our play towers, the woodlander towers, can provide a real centrepiece for an outdoor playground, with the opportunity for several children to play on them at the same time.

This opportunity for group play also helps children to develop skills such as teamwork and communication, while you could even pair one of our wooden playground towers with a safety surface to ensure that children can attempt a range of climbing, sliding and jumping activities in the safest environment possible.

To find out more about our woodlander towers, or any of the other wooden playground towers in our range, get in touch with our expert team today by email, contact form or phone and we will be delighted to talk you through our available options and help you find the best choice for you.

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