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5 Mountain Ranges, 1 Task – CONQUER

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To climb and conquer mountain ranges across the globe!

Travel across the mountains of the world with our new Traverse Walls! From the Pennines to the Andes, this new range encourages climbingscaling, and traversing in a variety of different ways. There’s a traverse wall to suit any playground, allowing for children to explore, and fulfil the need and desire to climb.

Choose one of our below examples of Traverse Walls, inspired by Mountain Ranges across the globe, or build your own using our modular components to design a unique combination to suit a playground of any size or shape!

An innovative modular Traverse Wall range created by our talented in-house design team, you are in complete control as you piece together individual pieces to create your own custom Traverse Wall. Combine as many, or as few, pieces as you wish and 


Inspired by the famous Northern English hills, the Pennines allows for unique traversing in any playground. With double sided panels, this zig-zag wall offers a variety of challenges for all its users.


From the snowy mountains of winter to the blusterous winds of autumn, the Snowdonia traverse walls encourages children to create their own scenarios, as they climb across these traverse walls.


Challenge, compete and succeed with the Alps Traverse wall. Inspired by Europe’s highest peaks, bring a different climbing test to your playground.


The perfect addition for any challenging playground, the Rocky traverse wall is the biggest, but most rewarding among the range.  Where balance and coordination are key, the Rocky walls will look to improve agility and social interaction of its users.


Bring the Andes to your playground. Perfect for social interaction and role-play,  this traverse wall offers children the opportunity to challenge themselves while using their imagination. From the floor is lava, to competing against each other, the possibilities are endless.

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