School MUGA

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A school MUGA – or Multi Use Games Area – is becoming a staple for most educational institutions, in the quest to bolster the imaginations of children of all ages.

Not only for schools, Multi Use Games Areas are being spotted in local authority areas, holiday parks and even in local parish council locations. They come with such a huge range of benefits and uses, that they are impossible to ignore or let go of!

There are very few facilities out there as varied for children as a school MUGA, and if you are a school looking at why you should invest, keep reading.

One of the most important things for a school is the continued learning and development of children who are in attendance.

Schools are supposed to be zones of learning and creativity, but being cooped up in a classroom all day long isn’t good for anyone.

A school MUGA can provide the young people learning in your building the chance to play up to 20 different sports activities in one area. This allows schools to provide many activities in one space, which is perfect if you are limited in playground square footage.

It’s so important that children are able to keep as active as possible in school, and a school MUGA can change everything if you have limited resources currently, to provide them adequate space and variety.

The best thing about a school MUGA is that you have choices.

There are so many different ways that your school MUGA can be used, and children will be able to create their own gaming opportunities as soon as they see it. For example, you can have one huge school MUGA with a range of markings that allow your physical education teachers the chance to teach certain sports, and children the chance to play together.

Some of the activities that can be enjoyed on a school MUGA include:

  • Football – You can install a school MUGA big enough for a scaled-down football pitch with all of the right markings for penalty boxes, goals, corner areas and more.
  • Basketball – Have you got a basketball session pencilled in for PE? Well, a school MUGA can allow you the chance to get the kids out in the open, playing basketball. You can even install hoops – and it’ll be in the same football pitch you installed earlier.
  • Cricket – If you want to, you can even add markings to the school MUGA so that your classes can play cricket properly with the right points systems, too.
  • More! – Really, there are no limits to the activities that can be enjoyed with a school MUGA. It can facilitate everything from play time to PE lessons.


A school MUGA can be the space where lessons are taught, school holiday clubs are hosted and children can play.

With the right markings and shapes to ensure that children feel they are being well supported and educated, it also shows that your school is properly equipped, to new parents and pupils.