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Sail Shades

To keep children engaged in active outdoor play, we provide excellent shelter options that can be used during breaks. Our Sail Shades are a perfect solution for anyone looking for playground shelter. 

Sail Shade Square (4M) - SS101

from £3650

Sail Shade Square (5M) - SS102

from £3980

Sail Shade Triangle (6M) - SS106

from £3210

Sail Shade Square (6M) - SS103

from £4310

Sail Shade Triangle (5M) - SS105

from £2990

Sail Shade Triangle (4M) - SS104

from £2770

Big Top (6M) - BT102

from £4940

Big Top (4M) - BT100

from £4260

Big Top (5M) - BT101

from £4600

Sail Shades

Over the past 30 years, Creative Play has designed and manufactured playground equipment for children of all ages. 

Our range of Sail Shades are expertly designed to protect children against weather elements, as they take breaks or engage in particular games such as imaginative or sensory play.

Sail Shades also offer a perfect place for children to participate in games that promote social skills, whilst allowing them to be outdoors. 

If you were looking for a way to bring role-play outdoors, but are worried about the different weather conditions, this would be an ideal solution.

Our Sail Shades Category

Here we have three main pieces of equipment which are available in our Sail Shade range: 

  • Sail Shades Triangle
  • Sail Shades Square
  • Big Top collection

Let’s learn a bit more about each piece below…

Sail Shades Triangle

We provide these in triangle shapes and an array of different sizes and vibrant colours. 

Each piece is made to suit your playground environment and varying play space sizes.

We believe our Sail Shade Triangles provide the perfect area for children to relax and socialise in, whilst being protected from harsh weather conditions.

Our sail shades will certainly attract children to play outdoors under the shades, or use them to relax. They are an ideal solution for playground shelter.

Sail Shades Square Collection

If you are looking for Sail Shades that are the same as the Triangle Sail Shades, but of a different shape, we’ve got you covered. You can choose the Sail Shade Square from our collection, and customize it to the size that suits your requirements.

Key features of our Sail Shades Triangle and Sail Shades Square collection:

  • Fully galvanised steel uprights
  • Marine grade stainless steel corner rings
  • Sail cloth with extra reinforced webbing and interlocked double stitched seams

Big Top

One of the most popular outdoor canopies and outdoor classroom options we have at Creative Play, is our Big Top, from the Sail Shades category. 

This great Sail Shade piece of equipment provides shelter from the sun, with 95.7% shade and 98.8 UV protection, allowing safer outdoor play in the summer.

Big Tops are different from triangle and square shaped Sail Shades. They are hoisted on timber uprights to hold the shade cloth securely, ensuring that the Big Top remains stable all year round. 

To guarantee the longevity of our top quality Big Top, the edges of the sail cloth are extra reinforced with webbing and interlocked with double-stitched seams.

Big Top Sail Shades are available in various sizes for various spaces and several interesting colours, to entice children.

Big Top Sail Shades Key Features:

  • Heavy duty shade material that provides 95.7% shade from the sun and 98.8% protection against harmful UV rays
  • 10-year warranty against UV degradation for the shades
  • Ample space to facilitate outdoor lessons by adding seating
  • Rust-resistant galvanised steel posts for the main uprights

We provide delivery and installation of any Sail Shade you buy from Creative Play. Contact us and we’ll tell you how we can provide these excellent shelter options for your playground.

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