Our Development at Bridge House Marina & Caravan Park

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The Brief

Bridge House Marina approached Creative Play as they had decided to provide a play provision at their caravan park following their recent expansion. Bridge House Marina had already seen a variety of Creative Play’s equipment and particularly liked the look of our rustic Woodlander tower systems, as well as our swing sets.

The Design

With a blank grassed area as a starting point, and Bridge House Marina looking for an impressive tower system packed with play features, it was decided to incorporate the highest amount of play value possible.

Together with Bridge House Marina, we decided that our Jigsaw range would be ideal. Being a completely component-based range, we could customise their tower to ensure a high number of exciting play opportunities that children would love would be included. A 3 tower design, with 3 different platform heights, we were able to create a great challenge for children traverse across and conquer.

Alongside this, we included our popular Basket Swing and several pieces of trim trail to provide additional pieces for the children to access and enjoy on site.

The Installation

One of the best types of installations is working with a completely blank area such as the project at Bridge House Marina Caravan Park. This allowed us to provide a whole new facility to a site as well as completely transform an existing empty space.

With many different products to install, we worked closely with Bridge House Marina to ensure the installation went smoothly and caused as little disruption as possible to the running of their business, and they are more than happy with the final results!

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