Benefits Of Installing Playground Equipment In Schools

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More and more schools are embracing the idea of installing quality, customised playground equipment in their school playground.

While this is happening, you might wonder about the specific benefits of installing new playground equipment in your school.

Our equipment is designed to cater to these issues and help children develop a range of skills, with some of the following key benefits:

  • Increases academic performance
  • Spatial awareness
  • Increases self confidence and self esteem
  • Improves cognitive development
  • Helps promote problem solving skills
  • Reduces the risk of childhood obesity
  • Helps children to become physically active students
  • Improves gross motor skills
  • Encourages physical development and upper body strength
  • Helps children understand their physical freedom
  • Enhances multiple senses
  • Improves each child’s individual social skills and physical health

Let’s take a look at some of the other key benefits that our outdoor playground equipment offers, in further detail:

Encourages Outdoor Play

It is less common for children to play outside, considering the availability of technological devices that keep them indoors. While this often happens at home, it may also affect children when they are in school.

Older children tend to stay indoors more during breaks, if it is the case when they are at home. However, installing the right playground equipment in your school playground can make all the difference. Adding great playground equipment will encourage children to play outside, compared to a play area that is empty.

Children enjoy outdoor exploration and discovery so much more when they have the opportunity to play with toys and equipment that encourage this type of activity. Our range includes plenty for kids who love water, sand, climbing challenges or sports equipment!

Once children see and use the outdoor playground equipment, such as adventure trails, climbing frames or MUGA’s we have at Creative Play, they will be looking forward to break times even more. They’ll play outside more, which is very beneficial, compared to indoor play.

Physical Health

Installing playground equipment within a school, greatly improves the physical health of younger children, as they play. With exciting outdoor activities, children will no longer sit around in the playground, they will instead make use of the available equipment.

By installing trim trails, press up bars and leg raises from Creative Play, you offer children the chance to grow physically healthier.

Particular playground equipment such as Climbing equipment, helps children learn and develop physical skills.

Overall, providing the right equipment is beneficial to children, since it keeps them fit and healthy.

Social Skills

Children in an empty playground may simply sit or move around fairly aimlessly. However, school children in play spaces with particular playground equipment encourages children to utilise them cooperatively.

Equipment such as tower systems, adventure trails and lots of other equipment that require more than one user, will encourage socialising and help develop social skills.

Young kids can learn to talk and interact with each other as they enjoy outdoor playing.

From this example of play experience alone, children work together and form groups or teams encouraging many benefits. Often, socialising children will grow to become more confident as they are able to express themselves better, when with friends and family.

Creativity & Imagination

A school playground with the right equipment offers children in a school opportunities to try out new things. Unlike a playground with no equipment where children just walk or run about, one with equipment allows children to be creative.

Water play, shelters and sails, canopies and sensory gardens can be used by school age children, for a number of functions. You will be surprised by just how creative children can become. You might even find them acting or re-enacting a scene, using role play.


Learning is a lifelong process and it makes a lot of sense to have items that can facilitate learning and child development. Whilst classroom learning is great, the learning that takes place outside in the natural world, is also very important.

By installing playground equipment in school playgrounds, it helps to create a fun outdoor playing area, which can teach kids a lot of things.

Whatever they learn outside will undoubtedly supplement their classroom learning.


A playground with no equipment will do very little in developing the talents of young ones. However, installing a range of ideal playground equipment offers spaces where children can discover and refine their talents.

Mental Health

With an increasing number of young people feeling the stress and demands of modern society, it is vital to have a focus on the mental as well as physical health of children, both at home and school.

In many schools, children often feel academic pressures to achieve good grades and reach their aspirations, but as they look to deal with and overcome these pressures, children can benefit from being active.

Encouraging physical activity facilitates the release of endorphins, which are a great remedy for stress, depression or anxiety. Of course, children will not find as much enjoyment being active in a playground with no equipment. This is why it is vital to install playground equipment in the right areas.

In addition to the benefits of mental wellbeing, children who engage in challenging outdoor play, will improve their range of cognitive skills.


At Creative Play, we are able to guide our clients who are searching for the right equipment to install in their playground, so it can be a fun place for children to develop their skills.

Our online catalogue offers some of the best school playground equipment options for play spaces. Our skilled and experienced team create highly beneficial play equipment and have an in-depth knowledge of the educational benefits, high quality play offers children of all ages.

The extensive range of equipment we have available, is perfect for exercising and promoting physical and mental health.

Take a look through our website to discover playground equipment that will help encourage children to play, no matter what their age or capabilities.

You can always contact us for assistance in choosing the right playground equipment for your budget. Our experts will gladly guide you through everything before offering ideal recommendations.

We provide equipment that can be installed in any school throughout the UK, so feel free to get in touch with us today by phone or email.