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Today’s Children the Least Active Generation in History

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A recent report by UKActive ‘Generative Inactive’, has found that only half of 7 year olds are meeting the recommend physical activity guidelines of 60 minutes a day, remaining inactive for 6.4 hours or more.

It highlights the responsibility of schools in improving the overall health of children, who have been described as the first generation in existence to have shorter life expectancy than that of their parents. The report believes that his worrying statement can be reversed if head teachers are to adopt a whole day approach to physical activity, not just limited to PE lessons.

Incorporate physical activity into the school day with our thermoplastic markings. The huge range is great for both structured and unstructured play. So whilst children can develop social skills and create their own games at playtime, they can be used during lesson times to help develop cognitive thinking capabilities, whilst keeping them active!

A playground classic, children love hopscotch, it encourages them to get active, promoting the development of fundamental movement skills. Our multi court can enhance children’s playtimes, but be used during PE lessons to assist with team sports, too!

A trim trail is the perfect addition to any playground, providing children with a great way to safely get fit and have fun at the same time. Our challenging trim trails include items which have been designed to complement your existing equipment to assist in the compliance with Ofsted’s requirements for physical education, with many schools now using them for PE lessons.  We offer a number of trails created to challenge different age groups, so you’ll find the perfect pieces of equipment to get your pupils active, whilst having hours of fun.

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Source: UKActive