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Guide to Creating your Dream Playground

For children, the most memorable outdoor playgrounds are the ones that inspire creativity and imagination. They’re full of vibrant and exciting equipment pieces that encourage children to take risks and learn about the world around them. Whether your dream playground includes swings, springs or sails, it can always be brought to life with a coherent concept and a clear design. If you’ve ever thought about creating a truly extraordinary playground that the children at your facility can benefit from, then take a look at these tips from our playground experts.


1. Embrace the risk factor

Children use play to test their own limits and practice new skills until they have mastered them. Far from being dangerous, your dream playground should be full of visible and manageable risks that encourage children to leave their comfort zone and explore their limits.

Trim Trails are ideal for this sort of play since they encourage children to assess potential risks for themselves. With regular use, a climbing frame will enable children to develop their upper body and build grip and strength. For younger children, stepping stones and balance beams are more suited for encouraging exploration.

trim trails | Creative Play


2. Create a sense of place

Playgrounds without a sense of place can look tend to look generic. If you want to design a playground that’s unlike anything else, then choose a design that speaks to the culture, location and ‘spirit’ of your community. It could be a castle, a train, a pirate ship or a fire engine – anything that gives the children using it a sense of belonging and encourages them to play out a story will work.

As skilled playground equipment suppliers, our team can help you to build a dream playground that fires up children’s imaginations and give them a playful insight into the adult world. Just take a look at our selection of Role Play playground items for some inspiration.

role play playground | Creative Play


3. Work with nature

For children, the best playgrounds are the ones provided by nature. Consider how you can make the most of the natural elements that already exist in your space by incorporating them into your playground design.Natural materials like tree stumps, large rocks and grassy mounds are great for climbing on, while tall grasses and scented flowers can make really stimulating sensory additions that children will love to touch, smell and listen to. Our artificial grass Mound Tunnels will add a multi-dimensional element to any play space whilst maintaining a natural look and feel.



mound tunnel | Creative Play





4. Dens and playhouses

There’s nothing more inviting than a secret hideout! Incorporating shielded areas into your playground will give the children at your facility space to engage in unstructured play, either on their own or as part of a group. Dens and fenced areas provide children with the chance to invent their own games and rules, completely free from the watch of adults. Our Timber Playhouse Arcs have proven to be a great place for children get lost in their own world.



timber playhouse arc | Creative Play



5. Create zones for different types of play

Rather than creating a playground with one dominant structure, you should separate the spaces in your setting by energy levels to cater to the needs of each child. For example, a corner with a slide and rope swing might be energetic and loud, while another corner with a garden and bench might inspire more quiet reflection.Our dynamic range of Wetpour Safety Surfacing is perfect for splitting up zones for each activity. We created this pretend road design for Cambian Autism Services in Hampshire –  it proved to be ideal for encouraging imaginative play and increasing the children’s physical activity.



wetpour safety surfacing | Creative Play





The Creative Play team have built hundreds of dynamic playgrounds for venues all over the UK. This high level of expertise has made us one of the leading playground equipment suppliers. If you’re thinking about turning a dream playground into reality, then our expert team can help you out. We’re able to visit your facility for a free playground consultation and listen to your design requirements before helping you to choose the perfect combination of playground items for your facility. Get in touch with our team today by email or give us a call on 01244 375627. You can also fill out a quick contact form on our website and we’ll be in touch!