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About the Youth Sport Trust

The Youth Sport Trust is a national charity passionate about creating a brighter future for all children and young people through the power of sports. We are proud business members of the Youth Sport Trust and work with them to support the above objectives.

Their Mission:

With children and young people experiencing declining emotional health and well-being, increasing obesity levels and high youth unemployment, the mission of the Youth Sport Trust has never been more important. There is overwhelming evidence to demonstrate the power that PE and school sport has to change young people’s lives; unlocking their potential, helping them to be healthy and happy, ultimately going on to lead successful lives and positively contribute to society.

Their unique solutions maximise the power of sport to grow develop young people, impacting on their well-being through physical literacy and character. The three principle elements of our mission to create a brighter future for young people include:

Well-being: The work completed by the Youth Sport Trust builds the foundations of movement from early years through to secondary, equipping children with the confidence, competence and enjoyment of sport needed for a lifetime of activity, and good physical and emotional health.

Leadership: The work supports the personal development of young people and their progress at school, as well as preparing them for the challenges of life ahead. We support young people to develop a range of positive character qualities: creativity, aspiration, resilience and empathy.

Achievement: PE and sport delivered well is proven to impact positively on attainment and academic achievement. It can engage young people in learning and support the development of skills needed for success in and out of the classroom – communication, teamwork and self-management.

The work of Youth Sport Trust is much more extensive than just focusing on getting children into sport and we work across many areas, which can be categorised as: Inclusion, Achievement, Physical Education (PE), Sport and Health (including mental health).

1. To give you an overview of the services that have already been provided by the Youth Sport Trust, we have collated some their data for you:

2. This year, the Youth Sport Trust gave 834,083* young people direct opportunities to participate in high quality PE and sport. *This figure represents the total number of participants and it is possible that some young people participated in more than one activity.

3. 129,553 young people were given training opportunities through the Youth Sport Trust, which included coaching, officiating and volunteering. 31% of those trained received training in inclusive practice.

4. 37,904 members of the school workforce were given continuing professional development training by the Youth Sport Trust.

5. 4,412 schools are Youth Sport Trust member schools. That is over 20% of all state-funded schools in England.

6. 79% of pupils taking part in the Youth Sport Award say that their confidence in leading and influencing other young people has increased.

7. 85% of girls report that their confidence delivering physical activities for young people increased as a result of attending Girls Active Camp.

8. 87% of School Games alumni indicated that the event had a positive impact on their sporting careers.

9. Skills2Play helped children become positive about being active (99%) develop sport specific skills (96%) and develop understanding of how their body moves (94%). 87% of deliverers believe that the programme has helped children achieve more than 60 active minutes per day.

As you can see they have accomplished some great achievements and we are excited to be working alongside them to contribute to helping children leading a healthy and active life style.

The Youth Sport Trust work with business members to ensure their existing members have access to companies that have been recognised for driving improvements in the landscape and supporting their mission.

Find out more about the Youth Sport Trust here