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Water Play

Outdoor Water Play Equipment

Water play is one of the most captivating activities kids can be involved in. Learning how to play with water is itself an enjoyable activity.

At Creative Play, we know how important water play is and have included water play equipment in the sensory play category to help improve cognitive, physical, communication, social skills development in kids.

Messy Play Table Corner - NUR162

from £440

Messy Play Table - NUR161

from £880

Mud Kitchen Mini - WSP108

from £1970

Mud Kitchen Maxi - WSP110

from £5260

Mud Kitchen Midi - WSP109

from £3180

Water Wall - Early Years - WSP107(A)

from £2190

Water Play Mini - WSP102

from £2740

Water Play Midi Two - WSP104

from £3350

Water Play Midi One - WSP103

from £3350

Water Play Maxi - WSP105

from £5590

Water Play Combi - WSP106

from £7800

Water Wall - WSP107

from £2190

Water Play Micro - WSP101

from £1860

Benefits of Water play

We understand children gain a lot from water play which is why we stock equipment that helps facilitate this type of play.

Some of the known advantages of water play include:

Allowing sensory Exploration

An excellent form of sensory play, water play offers numerous activities that encourage children to use their senses. This kind of sensory exploration allows them to reap the many benefits of sensory play.

Problem-Solving Skills and Creativity

As children use various water play items, they can invent various games and challenges. This thinking outside-the-box and finding solutions to these challenges, helps them to be creative and proficient at solving problems.

Enhances development of Gross and Fine Motor Skills

Activities such as pouring, filling, dumping, squirting, splashing, mixing, squeezing, squishing and carrying of water play equipment, enhances development of both gross and fine motor skills in younger children.

Relieves Tension

Water is one of, if not the most, soothing and calming substances available to children. As they feel, splash, pour, swish and squeeze water, they laugh and experience fun.

The fun grabs and can hold children’s attention, which greatly reduces tension by calming the frustrated, anxious or angry children.

Develops hand-eye coordination

Activities like pouring, squirting and squeezing, enable each child to learn how to control the direction and size of a splash of water. These activities help improve their sense of accuracy and control.

Builds social and communication skills

Water play allows communal play. Children playing with peers or siblings are more enthusiastic and build on their confidence.

Many water play items are designed to bring about cooperation in children. As they play together, or alongside each other, children develop communication and socialising skills. You’ll find that they learn the importance of sharing materials and ideas too.

Enhances concentration and focus

Water play has a tendency to captivate children, making them prone to spending long periods of time playing and exploring.

The activity that holds a child’s attention for a length of time improves concentration and focus with time.

Helps with the learning of Maths and Scientific concepts

Water play helps children learn mathematical concepts such as:

• Volume
• Capacity
• Full/empty
• More/less

Scientific concepts such as:

• Water is a liquid (it pours and takes containers shape)
• Water makes soil or sand heavier
• Sand texture changes when Water is added or removed
• Air (wind) moves water (bubbles)
• Water passes through space (through a sieve)
• Water can turn to solid when cold (freezing) and back to liquid again (Ice Melting)
• Various items float on water, others sink

Improves kids’ language and vocabulary

Water offers an opportunity for learning many new things. Activities as well as water playground equipment encourage children to use new vocabulary.

Wide range of outdoor water play equipment

Our comprehensive range of water play items and equipment include:

• Messy Play Table Corner
• Messy Play Table
• Mud Kitchen Mini
• Mud Kitchen Maxi
• Mud Kitchen Midi
• Water Wall – Early Years
• Water Play Midi Two
• Water Play Midi One
• Water Play Maxi
• Water Play Combi
• Water Wall
• Water Play Micro
• Water Play Mini

How do we ensure the quality of our water play equipment for the playground?

At Creative Play we source, create and manufacture products of the highest quality and safety standards, for every product that we supply.
Every timber we use offers up to 20 years of service, free from insect attacks or decay, thanks to an arsenic-free and chrome-free treatment.

We also ensure any equipment with joints have secure and tamper-proof fastenings.

Why Choose us?

You can choose our outdoor equipment for these reasons:• High-quality water play products
• Knowledgeable, helpful team
• Diverse water play items and equipment
• Excellent delivery and installation services
• Reliable aftercare and maintenance services

Feel free to contact us at Creative Play for reliable water playground equipment. We’ll swiftly respond and help as required.

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