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Big Results, Little Steps: It’s Walk to School Week

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Lace up, slip on and buckle up your shoes – It’s Walk to School Week!

With more and more of us doing the school run in the car, get a breath of fresh air (literally!) and join hundreds of thousands across the country walking to school this week.

Only one generation ago, a whopping 70% of us walked to school – now that has dramatically reduced to under half of that. Walk to School Week is all about reversing this decline as well as energising and empowering children to make their chosen mode of transport walking.

Deep down we all know that walking is good for us, but why? Check out these great benefits and you’ll be ditching the car ASAP!

Conquer the Classroom

Walking is a great form of aerobic exercise that gets blood pumping around the body and has been proven to improve mental well-being and concentration levels. By blowing away the cobwebs on the way to school, children arrive fit, refreshed and ready to learn.

Do your bit for Mother Nature

Did you know that one in five cars during the morning rush hour are taking children to school? That’s a lot of extra air pollution and carbon emissions being emitted into our local communities! Ditch the wheels and you won’t need to battle it out for a space at the school gates either!

Catch up With Family & Friends

Walking to school as a family or even with friends is a great way to build on relationships and improve communication skills. Need to break the ice? Pass the time with classics games such as I-Spy and get children to become more observant about the world around them.




Feeling inspired? For more information, as well as fantastic resources, click here to check out Walk to School Week’s website