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Children spend hours playing on playground equipment every day, and their favorite types of equipment are the ones that allow them to be as creative as possible. 


Playtown Traffic Lights (x2) - PP302

from £380

Land Ranger - VOY112

from £3290

Tractor - VOY103

from £7140

Fire Engine - VOY104

from £6360

Mini Train - VOY1020

from £5490

Toddler Train - TD100

from £1870

Motor Play Panel - PB112

from £870

One of the most creative types of playground equipment allows children to pretend they’re driving or piloting vehicles, such as cars, trucks, fire engines, boats, airplanes, helicopters and more! 

This type of imaginative play will help foster their creativity and improve other areas of their lives as well, from problem-solving and spatial awareness, to object manipulation. All are valuable skills that parents and teachers want to see children develop.

Vehicle play items are growing more popular thanks to their unique ability to encourage imagination and creativity. Schools around the UK are using vehicles on playgrounds, as an affordable way to foster imaginative play without breaking their budgets. 

In addition to being used by schools for classes, from preschool all the way up to secondary school, these types of items have become a common sight at fun-filled parks. 

Why Is Vehicle Play Important?

Two-and four-wheeled Vehicle play items foster imagination and creativity in children, but they also increase problem-solving skills. This occurs by encouraging children to use their imaginations as they play with vehicle toys, making up new storylines involving them. 

Helping children develop a sense of fun and adventure is another benefit of encouraging imaginative play; when they pretend that an ordinary object is something else, like a spaceship or monster truck, it helps them think more creatively about other situations. For example, if a child pretends that trucks are construction vehicles being used to build skyscrapers for their very own amusement park , they are forced to create ways for these objects to perform outside of their intended use. 

Giving children open-ended toys that promote creative play will help them develop critical thinking skills . Using their imagination makes it possible to have adventures in an imaginary world where a child can be anyone they want—not only improving their sense of self, but also their ability to envision how other people think.

By purchasing a children’s play vehicle, you are able to help your child develop an interest in traffic laws, engineering, physics, mechanics and technology. 

Positive Aspects Associated With Vehicle Play

Studies have shown that during childhood, creative play is a major indicator of later achievement. By facilitating imaginative play using our vehicles’ play items, Children develop their ability to solve difficult problems later on in life. In addition, strong imaginative abilities are associated with higher levels of creativity in adults.

In terms of specific benefits associated with vehicle play, children who engage, typically develop language skills at a faster rate than other kids their age. This is because they have to think up fun things to say as they pretend to be different people and drive imaginary vehicles or airplanes. 

In addition, imaginative play helps children learn how to deal with failure. When a child pretends he crashed his car into a tree but doesn’t really crash an actual car, he can re-engage with imaginative play as soon as possible, without being worried about hurting himself physically or emotionally.

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