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Two Mile Ash School

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Two Mile Ash School approached Creative Play looking to develop an existing field to promote all aspects of physical activity; they currently have a trim trail area which is now unsafe. After further discussion the school had decided what kind of equipment they would like and left it with our Play Advisor to put together a design with our design team.



After representing the proposal to the school they loved our ideas and everything was agreed. Two Mile Ash School will be having an exciting play area which is to promote physical play.



This will include a Jungle Climber Midi as the focal point as this allows children to use their imagination for unstructured fun and fulfil their natural desire to climb; a Trim Trail area including a Tyre Crossing, Climbing Wall, Treadmill, Chin-Up Bars, Parallel Bars, Crawling Net, Stepping Logs, Swinging Grips, a Jelly Board, A-Frame Climbing Blocks, a Crawling Tube as well as Rubber Mulch Safety Surfacing to provide an all-weather safer surface, enabling play time to occur anytime of the year!



The Trim Trail is a great tool for children to stay fit and healthy as well as having fun at the same time. They provide a variety of obstacles for children to be challenged by and overcome and guaranteed to keep them busy for hours.



We are looking forward to starting this project with Two Mile Ash School and excited to see the final result, as you can see the designs look great and we look forward to revealing the final development.