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Traditional Games

Here at Creative Play, our outdoor play experts offer some of the best traditional outdoor games you can buy and completely change how children play within outdoor play spaces.

Piggy In The Middle - PM261

from £245

Rocket Hopscotch 1-10 - PM262

from £345

Rocket Hopscotch Outline - PM263

from £245

Twister - PM264

from £245

3-Way Hopscotch - PM249

from £495

4-Way Hopscotch - PM250

from £895

Circle Hopscotch - PM251

from £345

Duck Duck Goose - PM252

from £595

Flower Hopscotch - PM253

from £345

Frog Hopscotch - PM254

from £345

Hexagon Hopscotch - PM255

from £245

Hopscotch Solid - PM256

from £245

Hopscotch Outline Multi - PM257

from £195

Leaf Hopscotch - PM258

from £245

Mr Wolf - PM259

from £495

O's And X's - PM260

from £75

Mirror Me - PM237

from £395

Mirror Me 2 - PM238

from £245

Traditional Games


If you are looking to add a classic touch to your play areas, our collection of traditional games has a variety of perfect options to choose from. 


Our Research


Before the modern playground equipment we have nowadays was invented, children still used to play. In fact, children used to play outdoors often. Creative Play’s savvy designers and developers of playground equipment, have done their research and discovered several, very interesting games played outside by children, before modern playground equipment came along. 


Some fantastic traditional games that kept children active and engaged previously include:


  • Jack, Jack, Show the Light 
  • Fox and the Hounds
  • Blindfolded Wheelbarrow Races
  • Hoops and Sticks


We also discovered children used to hand-make hula hoops and skipping ropes, and would use chalk to draw hopscotch patterns on the ground. Most of these traditional games allowed active play outdoors. 


When technology became popular, it allowed endless games to be played virtually, indoors, on mobile devices. There’s also entertainment provided by TV and computers, which pushes children to spend a lot of time on passive activities. 


Playing or being entertained indoors, prevented active play and outdoor play. This led to problems including cognitive development issues and lifestyle conditions that affect people of all ages.


Our experts at Creative Play have devised ways to use the technology to enhance outdoor play, by bringing traditional games back to life. These, we incorporate into the enormous playground development industry. By doing so, we help attract children to engage in interesting traditional games and other outdoor games.

Why Choose Us?

Creative Play uses thermoplastic markings to create excellent traditional game spaces in your playground. The play spaces are adorned by vibrant and colourful patterns from the games, which are used to entice children to participate. By improving your play area with these games, children’s outdoor play is enhanced. 


We have a selection of great traditional games that can also be used for educational purposes. Many are animal or object themed games that teach shapes, vocabulary and help each child to understand the world around them.


Our selection of amazing traditional games include the following:


  • Piggy In The Middle
  • Rocket Hopscotch 1-10
  • Rocket Hopscotch Outline
  • Twister
  • 3-Way Hopscotch
  • 4-Way Hopscotch
  • Circle Hopscotch
  • Duck Duck Goose
  • Flower Hopscotch
  • Frog Hopscotch
  • Hexagonal Hopscotch
  • Hopscotch Solid
  • Hopscotch Outline Multi
  • Leaf Hopscotch
  • Mr Wolf
  • Mirror Me
  • O’s And X’s (The Noughts and Crosses classic game that children of all ages will enjoy)


You can tell by our selection, we are focused on providing and improving development in children of all ages. 


Get In Touch


We believe there’s something for each of our customers. If you can’t find the traditional game you have in mind, do not worry. We are constantly expanding our categories, which means there’s a likelihood you’ll find what you’re looking for soon.


Feel free to contact us and request the installation of any of our interesting traditional games. Talk to us about your requirements, budget, play space condition, and the size and age of intended users. We’ll be able to provide customised playground equipment to suit your traditional game requirements.

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