Our Top Sand and Water Play Products

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There are many educational benefits to sensory play, but one area that it can help develop greatly is a child’s creativity. Children are constantly learning to create throughout their childhood, something we at Creative Play are passionate about supporting and helping to cultivate.

While problem solving and decision making are often seen as the most obvious cognitive skills to be developed and fine-tuned by sensory play, linguistic experts are also quick to sing the praises of a more sensory approach to early years learning.

We have designed many different products to support Sensory Play within the outdoor play setting, one of the most obvious being sand and water play.

Take a look at some of our sensory sand and water play products below and see how you can transform your outdoor play area into an area children can develop and learn whilst most importantly having fun to boost the interactivity.


Water Play Midi One

Our innovative Water Play Midi One is part of our Early Years specific Water play range, and encourages children to experiment with the flow and movement of water whilst learning to work together and improve upon their social and communication skills. Additional extras can be added to the product range to maximise the play experience and development of key skills.

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Timber Sandbox

Children love playing with sand and our Sand Play range has been designed with this in mind. The Sandbox is a popular addition for many nurseries and schools. This Timber Sandbox will provide endless hours of fun for children.

The Timber Sandbox also comes with a robust sliding lid to keep the sand covered when not in use.

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Mud Kitchen Midi

The innovative Mud Kitchen Midi has been designed with the Early Years Foundation Stage in mind. The Mud Kitchen Midi provides children with a sensory area in which they can experiment, grow, and learn to work together in order to solve problems and build upon their communication skills through exploratory and sensory play.

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Water Wall

Our Water Wall is aimed at Early Years it encourages children to experiment with the flow and movement of water whilst learning to work together and improve on their social and communication skills. With having the ability to add extras onto the Water Wall it can maximise the ultimate play experience and the development of key skills.

Children will love to get creative with this product especially in those science classes or simply just a warm day, take the class outdoors! The key features with this product include water wheels, buckets with valves, funnels, plastic containers, plastic hoses, dams, hooks and more importantly the mesh panel to create the wall, mix these up and add the different features you would like to make your own impeccable Water Wall!

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Sandhut Major

Our Sandhuts are inspired from our successful Lilliput range and are great additions in any playground.

The vibrant roofs are great for providing shelter during play and when the included lid covers the sand pit. The Sandhut Major is our bigger Sandhut and is great for allowing more children to able to play in the sand. To make it even better, the included lid can transform the Sandhut into a performance stage and add a theatrical feel to any playground!

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