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Top 10 Most Popular Products: Number 6

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Number 6:

‘Mound Tunnel’


This is no surprise that our Mound Tunnel made it into Number 6! The Mound Tunnels have become very popular as they are perfect for imaginative playtime fun. The tunnel adds a multi-dimensional element to any playground to allow children to walk over it, crawl under it or use it however they like!



Suitable for any age, how will you incorporate it into your playtimes!? There are a huge variety of uses which will encourage imaginative and social play, let children be as adventurous as possible! Will it be a bridge over water, or part of a road way? The possibilities are endless….



Take a look at the pictures and see how different customers have made use of the mound tunnel in their outdoor play area! Each and every tunnel can be tailored to suit any place area by choosing either Rubber Mulch safety surfacing, Wetpour, Artificial Grass or Playsafe surfacing. Mix and match with the colours of the Playtec and safety surfacing to brighten up your playground!



Seven Sisters Primary School had a bespoke Mound Tunnel installed earlier this year with additional timber sleepers and an adapted size tunnel, it looks outstanding! The school also gave us great feedback and were extremely pleased with the equipment. Overall the mound tunnel is a great addition to any outdoor play area!