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Top 10 Most Popular Products: Number 4

Coloured Bar

Number 4:

‘Water Wall’


Oh wow! Our Water Wall has come in 4th in our top 10, from part of our Waterplay Range! Aimed at Early Years it encourages children to experiment with the flow and movement of water whilst learning to work together and improve on their social and communication skills. With having the ability to add extras onto the Water Wall it can maximise the ultimate play experience and the development of key skills.



Children will love to get creative with this product especially in those science classes or simply just a warm day, take the class outdoors! The key features with this product include water wheels, buckets with valves, funnels, plastic containers, plastic hoses, dams, hooks and more importantly the mesh panel to create the wall, mix these up and add the different features you would like to make your own impeccable Water Wall!



Water Walls have become very popular in schools, as teachers love taking children outdoors during lessons to engage the children with active skills and development. Have a look at the pictures to see how different features make the Water Wall look so interesting. How will you incorporate a Water Wall into your playground?