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Top 10 Most Popular Products: Number 3

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Number 3:

‘Timber Playhouse Arc’

Finally down to the final 3 in our top 10 most popular products. At number 3 we have the Timber Playhouse Arc! This adds a real touch of fantasy to any playground, shaped like a ‘Hobbit House’ it offers a cosy and relaxing environment for children to relax and socialise whilst staying sheltered.

Children can get really imaginative with the Timber Playhouse Arc, it is a house? It is underground? Or is it simply a ‘Hobbit House’? Children will love this feature in any play area. The roof is artificial grass therefore adds a natural aesthetic to the playground environment.

This product has grown hugely as it has so many different uses, more importantly encourages social development and suitable for any age range! How will you incorporate the Timber Playhouse Arc into your playtimes or even lessons?! Take a look for yourself at the Arcs we have already installed, we think they look great and more importantly, so do our customers!!!!