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Top 10 Most Popular Product: Number 8

Coloured Bar

Number 8:



At Number 8 we have our TeePee! TeePee’s are great at providing imaginative fun, ideal for younger children giving them the opportunity to develop their adventurous side and building social and interaction skills. We have installed a lot of the TeePee’s as part of a fun playground environment as they are perfect for linking other playground equipment.



Whether they are being hidden amongst the trees or on the open playground they look great. TeePee’s come in a variety of colours to brighten up any outdoor playgrounds. Take a look at the pictures below to see how we have incorporated the TeePee’s into different play areas.



We have had a lot of great feedback from different schools commenting on how great their new outdoor playground looks and we couldn’t agree more. Any play area without the TeePee is missing out as although it is aimed for younger children, all ages will engage with the product. There are a million and more uses, let your imagination go wild!!!!!