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Top 10 Most Popular Product: Number 7

Coloured Bar

Number 7:

‘Tyre Crossing’


Our Tyre Crossing is Number 7. Tyre crossing are extremely popular due to the multi-use of being either part of the popular Trim Trails or alone as part of a physical play ground. Children seem to love the Tyre Crossing, they will climb over them, crawl through them or however they want to do it they will have great fun.



It provides an excellent challenge and tricky way to get from one side to the other, great for testing children’s balance and co-ordination. Have a look at the photos we have included for inspiration of how you can incorporate such a popular product into your playground.



The Trim Trails alone are extremely popular and the Tyre Crossing features in most of these as you can see, use your imagination to create your own challenging layout to suit your space, budget and age groups today, guaranteed the Tyre Crossing will be included. Whether it be a school, local attraction or holiday park this product will be a great feature!