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Double Swing Combi - Round - S115-R

from £1597

Double Swing Combi - S115

from £1370

Swing Barrier Round - S113 - R

from £258

Single Cradle Swing - Round - S114 - R

from £1622

Basket Swing Round - S111 -R

from £2730

Swing Barrier - S113

from £245

Single Cradle Swing - S114

from £1495

Single Swing Round (Flat Seat) - S110 - R

from £1254

Basket Swing - S111

from £2495

Double Swing (Flat Seat) - S101

from £1295

Double Swing Round (Flat Seat) - S101 -R

from £1415

Double Swings (Cradle Seat) - S102

from £1645

Double Swings Round (Cradle Seat) - S102 - R

from £1779

Single Swing (Flat Seat) - S110

from £1145

Table of Contents


Our journey with swings

As a leading provider of playground equipment in the UK, our team at Creative Play have spent over 25 years specialising in putting together the ideal playground options for our clients, with high-quality swings playing a big part in many playground settings.

We have helped a wide range of different schools, nurseries, parks and private facilities to find the ideal playground option for them and the vast majority of them have including the age-old favourite that is the swings, in some form or another.

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How do we ensure the quality of our swings?

All of our swings are designed in-house by an expert team, allowing us to maintain the highest levels of quality in terms of visual style, functionality and durability.

We take the quality, durability and safety of all of our items very seriously, we stake our name and reputation on the fact that children will get the very best play experience when using Creative Play equipment.

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How do you know which swing is best for you?

There are few different considerations to take into account in choosing your swing, with factors including:

– does it match the overall design scheme?
– how many swings do you want to offer?
– how old are the children who will be using the swings?
– what is your available budget?

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How do you know which swing is best for you?

To find out which swing option would suit you best, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone on 01244 375627, or email on You can also use our website to book a playground consultation, or select a preferred callback time.

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