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Surrey Street Primary School

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Surrey Street Primary School had a clear idea of the kind of playgrounds they wanted – one to be focused on sports, a quiet area, and an area for Early Years development that was accessible to all. This allowed us to install a wide range of equipment to ensure that all stages of development were catered for.


As the existing areas provided us with a blank canvas, it allowed us to create three totally original, engaging areas that would fulfil the school’s requirements. We wanted to encourage development across all levels, so it was important that the equipment installed would be challenging and stimulating for both the younger and older children. We began by installing one of our Multi Use Games Areas, which encourage children to maximise their sporting potential by providing them with an area designed to accommodate various sports. The Early Years playground allowed us to create an area dedicated to both physical and imaginative development with the installation of some of our lower level Challenger Trim Trail equipment as well as items from our Voyager Role Play range including our Galleon and Mini Train. We finished off the installation of the project with the inclusion of a quiet area, including our popular games top picnic benches and a 6m Octavia Shelter providing the children with an area suitable to socialise in.


This was a particularly fun project for us to work on, as it gave us the opportunity to completely transform a previously blank tarmac area into a colourful and engaging environment for the children to play in. There were a couple of issues relating to the access to two of the three playgrounds, but with good planning prior to the installation starting, the issues were overcome and we were able to finish the work on time and to a high standard. The finished areas look brilliant, and have provided the school with exciting new play facilities in time for the new school year to begin. Everyone working on the project put in a huge amount of effort and worked extremely hard – well done to everyone involved.