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St Ann’s Junior and Infant School

The brief for the development at St Ann’s Junior & Infant School was a particularly personal one – their Headteacher had sadly passed away recently, and he had wanted the school to have the best play area in the region.

They had been raising funds in his memory ready to develop their blank, grassed area into a playground that would not only provide the children with an area for physical and imaginative play, but also one that would provide the ‘wow factor’.

Here at Creative Play, we understood that it was important to bring their Headteacher’s ideas to life and to make sure that we could provide them with the special new playground that they had in mind.



Their Headteacher had wanted a large, nautical themed playground complete with islands and ships, and therefore we decided that it was the perfect fit for our fabulous Pirate Ship (Timber) which is packed full of exciting play features and provides the perfect imaginative play area. We surrounded  the ship with our popular Clyde Activity Centre, Jungle Climber Mini and some of our Challenger Trim Trail items to create island-like areas dedicated to physical play. The school loved the designs but requested a custom slide on the Pirate Ship (Timber), which we were only too happy to accommodate.

We finished the area off with our recycled rubber-bonded mulch surfacing in a  variety of colours including blue for the sea and woodland mix for the island areas, providing an environmentally friendly surfacing option that ensured the new play area met all British and European safety standards.

The Design

We wanted to make sure that the design for St Ann’s Junior & Infant School encompassed all the school’s requests while still providing the children with a playground that would stimulate their imagination and encourage them to develop their physical capabilities. As children of all ages from Key Stage 1 and 2 would be using the equipment, we had to select pieces that would be suitable for all ages, while at the same time providing a challenge for the children.

We decided that the Pirate Ship (Timber) from our Role Play Voyager range would be perfect as not only would it provide the main focal point of the nautical playground, but it would also provide children of all ages with a challenging and engaging piece of equipment. We then decided to install other pieces of physical equipment in an island formation around the ship to create an area that flows and allows the children to develop their fundamental movement skills.

The Installation

The play area at the school was a mostly blank canvas which had left the design team with a lot of creative freedom when coming up with the designs for St Ann’s Junior & Infant School, and it was an installation that we all felt excited and honoured to work on due to the personal nature of the project, so it was imperative that the project was completed to our highest standards!


All of the install teams worked incredibly hard to bring the area to life, and the final result is a credit to everyone involved in the project from start to finish.