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Sports Ancillary Products

You’ve just built the best playground equipment and PE facility for your school, but you’re still not quite done! To really offer the best experience to your children, you need to fill out your play area with sports ancillary products such as Netball hoops and Timber kick boards. 

With the right playground equipment on hand, not only will you see improved sports performance among your students, but you’ll also get better results from creative play activities, such as imaginative play and cooperative games like Simon Says.

Benefits Of Sports Ancillary Products

There are a wide range of benefits that children can enjoy when using sports ancillary products. The main reason why many schools choose to purchase sports ancillary products is because they ensure that each child will be able to improve their speed, strength, stamina and agility.  

If children are more agile, they will find it easier to engage in all kinds of sports in general, so providing them with sports ancillary products makes sense on every level! 

Sports ancillary products also give young people something fun to do when not engaged in physical activity; running around them is enjoyable by itself – but when there’s equipment involved it becomes even more attractive. 

When your school purchases sports ancillary products, everyone wins. Not only will your pupils become fitter, healthier and happier as a result of being provided with these items, but you’ll see better results from PE classes as well. 

These products are designed for long-term use and they last for years. Sports ancillary products aren’t just ideal for students who need extra support – they work for primary-school kids too. If you can install sports ancillary products that suit younger pupils, then it will be easier to get them into healthy habits that stick with them as they grow older. 

There is no end to what creative play can help you achieve; your children will never view any activity as a ‘chore’ again! 

As well as being fun, sports ancillary products allow children to develop faster by giving them access to more sophisticated equipment than they might have had otherwise. A playground full of creative playground equipment, provides a great opportunity for children to express themselves creatively and push themselves further than ever before in all kinds of different ways.

The benefits of sports ancillary products are undeniable, so invest in these items to really improve your school’s sports programmes. Your children will love being provided with new play equipment, and parents will thank you for encouraging their children to participate in sport at school. 

Basket Ball & Target - 3.4m - PB107A

from £1090

Stopwatch - Running Track - PB122

from £1650

Stopwatch - Football - PB124

from £1650

Stopwatch - Games - PB123

from £1650

Timber Kick Board with Trim (2.4m x 2m) - CP067C

from £1090

Timber Kick Board with Trim (2m x 1m) - CP067B

from £760

Timber Kick Board (2.4m X 2m) - CP067A

from £870

Netball Hoop - WP109

from £430

Netball Post - T125

from £650

Twirler - PB109

from £2140

Basket Ball & Target - PB107

from £870

Combi Goal (Timber) - MU104

from £2180

Timber Kick Board (2m X 1m) - CP067

from £540

Ball Catcher (With Distance Thermo Markings) - CP066

from £2190

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