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Spinners & Roundabouts

One of the fundamental movements essential to a child’s development is rotation, alongside balancing climbing and sliding. Playground roundabouts and spinners are an excellent tool for teaching children rotation. With a playground roundabout, you can positively impact a child’s development. Rotation acts upon the inner fluids of the ear to enhance balance in children, and improves their sensory development.

Spinning Bowl - SR116

from £1990

Wheelchair Inclusive Roundabout - SR301


Spinner with Pole - SR111

from £2860

Spinner with Seating - SR112

from £3520

Spinner without Seating - SR113

from £3300

Rope Net Pyramid - SR114

from £4130

Rope Net Pyramid - Spinner - SR115

from £5230

If you have ever watched children play you’ll agree that certain rotation playground equipment also promotes communication and fosters a sense of belonging for when they partner.

These, obviously, are just a few of the many benefits playground roundabouts and spinners can offer children. If you wish to purchase a children’s roundabout for nursery or school, Creative Play offers excellent equipment. We have a range of roundabouts and spinners that are guaranteed to change your playground.

Creative Play has been designing, manufacturing and installing the most innovative playground equipment in the UK, for the last 3 decades. You can trust our children’s roundabout and spinner equipment to revolutionise how your children enjoy outdoor play.

Wide range of playground roundabouts & Spinners

You might want to check out our children’s roundabout collection. The spinners we have here will be an attraction to all your children in the playground.

Here are some of the most notable spinners and roundabouts;

Spinning Bowl

This traditional equipment is considered a favourite in the playground. Children will not resist being spun or spin their friends, on this.

Wheelchair Inclusive Roundabout

Children of all ages and abilities will benefit from this playground equipment. The playground roundabout releases the sensation of spinning, which makes it an ideal addition to all outdoor play areas.

With an excellent design that accommodates a centrally positioned wheelchair plus a two-seater fitted, this innovative wheelchair roundabout enables use for both children and carers. The children can spin the equipment with ease whilst standing on the scooter.

Spinner with Seating

To achieve better depth deception, balance, cause-and-effect abilities to children, use this playground spinner equipment. A favourite with children, the spinner with seating will be an excellent addition to any play area.

Spinner Without Seating

We also have a spinner without seating to offer fun and foster the same skills just like the one with seating.

Rope Net Pyramid-Spinner

Your children can develop more skills with this versatile playground equipment. Most children love climbing and will enjoy climbing this frame, then spin on it, which makes them better at depth perception, balance and cause-and-effect. The integrated rope net allows more room for the playing of several children and will improve their social skills.

Spinner with Pole

You could also get this simple spinner which will offer your children the same benefits as a spinner. There’s no doubt children will love it from the way they enjoy spinning on other poles.

How do we ensure the quality of our Roundabouts and Spinners?

Ever since we started 30 years ago, we have always provided high-quality playground equipment. The playground spinner equipment we have are made of top-quality material.

For instance, every metal part on these playgrounds and spinners is powder-coated steel that doesn’t just offer a smooth finish, but a durable one. The equipment with ground plates has an aluminium checker plate to provide a slip-resistant finish.

Why Choose Creative Play Playground Roundabouts & Spinners

There’s more than one reason why incorporating this playground equipment in the park or school is a great idea.

Here’s why choose our playground spinner and roundabout equipment;


Our department has specialists who go out of their way to improve outdoor play. A look at our children’s roundabout and spinner playground equipment is a clear indication we want your children to gain more from their outdoor play.


We ensure that the manufacture of any playground roundabout or spinner considers the safety of the children. You’ll notice that all our equipment in this category feature non-slip designs to prevent any injury. Also, all our roundabouts and spinners are made in compliance with the British Standards EN 1176.


In our many years of supplying schools, nurseries, parish council homes with playground equipment, we have come to work with different budget arrangements. Our prices for playgrounds roundabouts and spinners are very competitive. You can contact us and we can work out a way to help you get a fantastic playground roundabout or spinner with your budget.

Contact us today for one or several of the safe, innovative top-quality affordable playground roundabouts and spinners. Creative Play can deliver to most locations in the UK.

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