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Sand Play

Outdoor Sand Play Equipment

At Creative Play, we understand the importance of sand play and the development of kids. Our experts, therefore, created an excellent outdoor play sandbox to facilitate sand play. Kids as young as 5 years, can sit and play in the sandbox enjoying and reaping the benefits of sand play.

Timber Sandbox - SB104

from £1400

Sand Digger - WSP201

from £2150

Messy Play Table Corner - NUR162

from £440

Messy Play Table - NUR161

from £880

Sandbox - SB101

from £1400

Sandhut Minor - SB102

from £1980

Sandhut Minor - Rustic - SB102A

from £1980

Sandhut Major - SB103

from £3870

Digging Planter Allotment - CP068

from £1630

Digging Planter Miniature Garden - CP069

from £2180

As kids play with sand, digging in, rolling and moulding, they learn to enjoy the feel of sand on their hands and feet. Such sensory play helps in a child’s development.

Wide range of playground sandpits

We have in our playground sandpit category, a range of sandpits and related equipment to facilitate sand play.

They include:

• Timber Sandbox
• Sand Digger
• Messy Play Table Corner
• Messy Play Table
• Mud Kitchen Mini
• Mud Kitchen Maxi
• Mud Kitchen Midi
• Outdoor play sandbox
• Sandhut Minor
• Sandhut Minor – Rustic
• Sandhut Major
• Digging Planter Allotment
• Digging Planter Miniature Garden

Our specialists understand sand play is vital when it comes to outdoor play, which is why we create and stock a full range of sand play equipment. We believe you can find an excellent option to provide your children with the best sand play from our selection.

How do we ensure the quality of sand play equipment for the playground?

Designed and created with longevity and safety in mind, every wooden piece of playground equipment at Creative Play offers great quality.

The playground sandbox itself is a high-quality piece of equipment complete with a durable and robust sliding lid, to cover the sand when the weather doesn’t allow sand play.

The timber we use comes with a 20-year guarantee of protection from decay and insect attacks, thanks to chrome-free, arsenic-free pressure treatment.

Why should you choose us?

Creative Play is a leading supplier of playground equipment across the UK. Here are reasons why you should contact us, when considering purchasing sand play equipment:

• High-quality sand play equipment
• Knowledgeable and personable team
• Varying sand play items available
• Great delivery and installation services
• Reliable aftercare and maintenance services on playground sand play equipment.

We can help you make your playgrounds more exciting for kids by incorporating them in sand play. You can use our contact us section on our page to reach us. We’ll respond quickly to help you create a great playground sandpit. This will not only offer fun and excitement to kids but also allow them to gain the various benefits of sand play.

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