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Rushton Parish Council and Eaton Primary School Development

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Eaton Primary School and Rushton Parish Council

Rushton Parish Council contacted Creative Play looking to put a project in place for the development of a large open grass area across Eaton Primary School and the local community field. We provided several different options for an exciting playground some of the equipment included the Woodlander and Jungle Climber towers systems, Swings (both flat and cradle), Lilliput and Zenith tower options, Spring riders and seating. There was also a mention of a MUGA (multi-use games area) for ball games with fencing and game lines.


When Rushton Parish Council and Creative Play got together to discuss the options available it was decided they would have both of the areas developed. The first area, the local community field, was to include the Heartwood Tower System, Lilliput Playtown Two, Spinner, swings including the Basket Swing which is hugely popular and seating around the area of development. The second area, Eaton Primary School, was to be the MUGA, with goals and game lines for ball games. Wetpour Safety Surfacing was provided on both areas for an all-weather safer surface.


We knew straight away this was going to be a huge and exciting project to work on as well as a challenge but we were looking forward to it. We worked closely with the Parish Council ensuring the whole project went smoothly, taking snaps along the process to show how the development was progressing. Half way through the process additional play equipment was added to fill the area, these included a Treadmill and Noughts and Crosses Playboard. The overall project would now promote physical play for a wide age range of children and provide hours of fun which was Rushton Parish Councils objective.


At long last the playground development was completed. The grand opening was a great success on Sunday 18th October and the children at Eaton Primary School and the wider community can now enjoy a playground full of exciting play opportunities.