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Round Timber Trim Items

Chin Up Bars - Round - CH101-R

from £425

Rope Bridge Round - CH104-R

from £1045

Clatterbridge - Round - CH106-R

from £1,969

Scramble Net Round - CH107-R

from £1570

Balance Beam - Round - CH108-R

from £313

Parallel Bars - Round - CH111-R

from £415

Log Walk - Round - CH114-R

from £1570

Hurdles - Round - CH115-R

from £693

Tyre Crossing Round - CH116-R

from £1570

Stepping Log - Round (Individual) - CH118-R

from £83

Overhead Ladder - Round - CH120-R

from £1876

Stilts - Round (4) - CH121-R

from £878

Net Crossing - Round - CH122-R

from £1,214

Net Tunnel - Round - CH123-R

from £1,973

Traverse Wall Round - CH127A-R

from £448

A-Frame Net - CH128-R

from £1,496

Pull Up Bars - CH143-R

from £587

Weaving Beam Round - CH144-R

from £618

Zigzag Parallel Ropes - CH148-R

from £716

Zigzag Parallel Ropes - CH148-R

from £716

Rotating Log - Round - CH149-R

from £972

Rope Cross - Round - CH150-R

from £728

Providing great safety, durability and style benefits, our range of round timber trim items offer a great fit for a range of playground equipment settings. Having developed playgrounds for many years, the team of in-house here at Creative Play are highly adept at producing items that are conducive to learning through play, with our range of timber trim items definitely fitting the bill in this area.

Not only is our range of round timber trim trails items designed and treated to deal with the weather conditions of even the harshest British winter, but the level of challenge and fun offered by our net crossing and tyre crossing options makes them a favourite in any playground.

Having designed playgrounds for schools, nurseries, parks and private facilities around the country, we’re highly experienced in advising our clients on how to build the perfect playground for their setting, including which timber trim items would go best in their location.

Get in touch with our team today to find out more about our range of timber trim playground items and discuss which of them could fit best within your playground setting.