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Role Play

To facilitate role playing amongst children, we supply a fantastic collection of imaginative play equipment. Our experts at Creative Play have acquired the skill and experience of over 30 years, to design, create and supply high-quality equipment, to support the important role play and drama in children.

Activity Play Ship - DD-MPS

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Passenger Carriage - DDP-PC

from £495

Locomotive - DD-TL

from £605

Tanker Goods Carriage - DD-TGC

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Lumber Goods Carriage - DD-LGC

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Large Activity Play Ship - DD-LPS

from £4945

Role Play


Our savvy play equipment designers have a vast knowledge of how role playing is important in children. To improve how fast and broadly children can think of innovative ideas, our specialists provide excellent role play equipment that’ll foster imagination for children of all ages.

We have a broad range of play equipment that can aid role-play in children. These include:


Boats & Ships


Regarded as one of the best playground equipment to aid role playing, they allow imagination on boats and ships. Our boats and ships will facilitate role playing in children as they act out as adults, whilst interacting, cooperating, and competing with each other. They will take the roles of captains, sailors, pirates and part of the crew.


Our Boats and Ships include:


  • Commander
  • Pirate Ship Midi
  • First Mate
  • Quartermaster
  • The Captain
  • Viking Ship
  • Rowing boat
  • Shipwreck Cross
  • Shipwreck Stern




When it comes to role play,  Vehicles are one of the most important objects they will find on roads and railways, so it’s important they learn and understand how they work. We also offer other areas of transportation such as:


  • Land Ranger
  • Tractor
  • Fire Engine
  • Mini Train
  • Toddler Train
  • Playtown Traffic Lights
  • Motor Play Panel


Activity Playboards


Our activity playboards provide endless possibilities where children can participate in so many scenarios of role playing.


Our enormous range of innovative activity playboards has the following:


  • Art stage
  • Bubble Viewing Boards
  • White Boards
  • Chalk Boards
  • Mood Boards
  • Cuckoo Clock
  • Mazes
  • Cogs
  • Weaving Board
  • Simon Says Wall
  • Shape Wall Panel
  • Weather Station
  • Painting Station
  • Motor Play Panel
  • Shop Front
  • Phonics Play Boards
  • Whizz Wheel
  • Noughts & Crosses

Playtown and Activity Panels


To facilitate the quality of role play, we also supply a collection of Playtown and Activity Panels with lots of supporting objects, to help improve role play in children.


The creatively designed play equipment to help role playing of different people, in different scenarios of life include:


  • Fuel Station
  • Garage Playtown
  • Playground Sign Pack
  • Cafe Playtown Panel
  • Bank Playtown Panel
  • Fire Station Playtown
  • Train Station
  • Post Office
  • Police Station Playtown
  • Doctors Playtown


Playhouses and Den Making


You could also include role play equipment pieces from our appealing category of Playhouses and Den Making. These attractive play items are designed to entice children to participate in roleplaying. Items within the range include:


  • Red Cottage
  • Blue House
  • Rustic Cabin
  • Mound Tunnels
  • Dome mound tunnels
  • Timber Playhouse
  • Mini Castle
  • Mini Castle Wall
  • Timber Cabin
  • Den Making Teepee
  • Teepee


You’ll notice some of these are props children can use for den making, creating different spaces they can play in.


Our excellent role play items enable children to develop their creative thinking abilities, through the use of their object substitution skills to create their play worlds, represent other objects, and in the process, enact different settings either by themselves or with others.


When children engage in role play with their peers and act out roles and characters in various scenarios they invent, they usually need to set individual and joint goals. This improves responsibility in children and teaches them different ways to problem solve.


Contact us for any of our quality, highly effective role-play equipment.

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