Range of the Week: Zenith Tower Systems

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Our Zenith Tower Systems are will get you moving!

Our Zenith Tower Systems are extremely popular! With a wide range of options, each available in vibrant Playtec or a more rustic finish , there is a design suitable for any playground!

All our Zenith tower systems come in a variety of playtec colour options or you can opt for a rustic style to allow for a natural appearance within your playground.

The towers range from a Zenith One to a Zenith 4! Each one gets bigger and better! They have been specifically designed to provide hours of fun for children as they traverse around the equipment in new and exciting ways. Hosting a wide variety play features, they encourage children to develop new and existing skills through a combination of physical, imaginative and creative play.

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Our Zenith One composes a single tower with roof, a slip resistant ramp with a steel core rope pull up and a stainless steel slide. Perfect for when space is tight, our Zenith One still packs a punch when it comes to encouraging outdoor play.

Our Zenith Two is a 2 tower system which includes a slip resistant ramp, a clatterbridge, stainless steel slide, vertical climbing panel and a firefighter’s pole, again available in various Playtec colour options as well as our rustic style.

Our Zenith Three is an impressive 3 tower system, this has all the features of a Zenith Two but with the added extras of a crawling tube with a slip-resistant floor and a shop front to add an imaginative play feature.

Our Zenith Four is an even bigger tower system with a 4 tower system again with all the features of the Zenith Three but with an additional net tunnel to navigate around the equipment.


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Our Zenith Towers systems are great for any playground. If you are looking to update you playground contact us today on 01244 375627 or email us [email protected]