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Range of the Week: Challenger Trim Trails

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Why we love Trim Trails!


Here at Creative play we love our Challenger Trim Trail range, you can pick and choose what products you would like to incorporate into your trail circuit and each have their own individual benefits (and fun aspects)! The best thing about creating your own custom Trim Trail circuit, is that they can target your own individual play needs and they can be as long or short as you like -perfect for any sized playground. Either way they always provide challenging physical play for children as well as plenty of fun!

With over 40 products in our Challenger Trim Trail range, we have a wide range of products including bridges, climbing nets, balance beams, tunnels and roped walks.

Some of our popular Trim Trail products include our Chin Up Bars, Clatterbridge, Jelly Board, Log Walk, Tyre Crossing, Stepping Logs, Climbing Wall, Mound Tunnel and A-frame Climbing Net. All of these products promote physical activity and help develop fundamental movement skills as well as testing children’s balance, coordination and agility.

To make things easier we have also created a number of set trim trail circuits that are also specially designed to be in compliance with Ofsted’s requirements for physical education.

For smaller playgrounds we have our Hudson Trail, this has been designed to bring a variety of obstacles for children to be challenged by and overcome. For slightly larger playgrounds, we have our Potomac Trail, this Trail offers a real challenge and is a great way for children to safely get fit and have fun at the same time. For those much larger play areas we have the Rio Grande Trail, this has 10 different products, covering a variety of fundamental movement skills, and will keep children active for hours!

As physical activity is so important to children’s development growing up they all need a playground they can explore and socialise in. This also allows children to develop social skills and gain confidence and independence.

Not just for playtimes, many schools now also use their Challenger Trim Trail for Physical Education lessons for KS1 and KS2 as they make a perfect feature in any outdoor play area. No matter the size of your playground, and the amount of exisiting play equipment, we can design a Trim Trail circuit to fit your specfic needs today!

For further information or if you are looking to update your existing playground equipment, get in contact today on 01244 375627 or email us sa[email protected]