Range of the Week: Activity Centre

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Range of the Week: Activity Centre

Our Activity Centres are popular both in our commercial and education-based playground developments. Packed with a wide variety of play features, ranging from tyre swings to clatterbridges, climbing nets to classic slides, they are great play pieces to promote physical play and are big enough to entertain the whole gang!


Available in a variety of Playtec colour options, they are perfect for integrating into your existing playground as well as making a big statement in any new outdoor development.


Dart Activity Centre



Our Dart Activity Centre is one of the most popular pieces of playground equipment that Creative Play has to offer. Consisting of a 1m slide, rope ramp, log walk, clatterbridge, tyre crossing, climbing net and tyre swing, the Dart promotes fundamental movement skills and encourages children to become more confident traverse the activity centre in different ways.


Click here to view our Dart Activity Centre


Clyde Activity Centre



Our Clyde Activity Centre is perfect for more compact play spaces – the smallest Activity Centre in our range, it still packs a mighty punch when it comes to offering play opportunities. With a 1m slide, tyre swing, clatterbridge and climbing net, children can explore a variety of play features with peers and improve social skills.


Click here to view our Clyde Activity Centre


Trent Activity Centre



The Trent is our largest Activity Centre at Creative Play. With a higher free fall height than our other activity centres, it offers a great challenge and is great for improving both special awareness and confidence.


Consisting of a 1m slide, log walk, clatterbridge, tyre swing and full height climbing net, the Trent is the go to Activity Centre for any ‘big kid’ who wants a real challenge!


Click here to view our Trent Activity Centre


Introducing our Round Timber Activity Centres



As well as the above products, we have also have a variety of round timber Activity Centres. Ideal for more commercial settings and Parish Council parks, they offer simular play expereinces and fit in well in more natural environments.


This includes our Dart Activity Centre- Round, Clyde Activity Centre – Round and newly designed Dart Activity Centre B – Round, all the same fun as our other Activity Centres but without a slide.



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