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Promote Physical Play with our Climbing Products

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Our Climbing range is our Range of the Week this week and with the products within the range there’s no surprise!

We have our climbing activity centres and then we also have our Jungle Climbers. See below to find out more!

Climbing Frames

All of our Climbing Frames provide hours of endless fun and provides children with many varied activities to keep them interested.

With room for multiple children to play at once and suitable for all ages, they are packed with play value and boasts a huge number of features to keep kids entertained!

The majority of the activities come in both round and square timbers depending on your requirements.

The activity centres come all different key features including a Slide, Tyre Crossing, clatterbridges, log walk, rope climb, climbing panels, pull up bars, tyre swings and net crossings. These all vary depending on which activity centre you chose!

Jungle Climbers

Our Jungle Climber is part our popular range of Climbing equipment, the products are designed to provide a challenge in the playground. Using rounded timbers these climbing frames are born out of children’s natural desire to climb trees.

Our Jungle Climbers encourage children to use their imagination for unstrictured play and great fun all around.

With six products in our Jungle Climber range, they each contain a variety of play features targeted at different age groups – with options for EYFS all the way up to KS2, there is truly something for everyone!

They are great for encouraging children to use their imagination for unstructured play and great fun all round.



If you’re looking to add climbing equipment into your playground, get in contact today on 01244 375267 or email [email protected]