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Product of the Week: Potomac Trail

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Product of the Week – Potomac Trail

This week the Potomac Trail comes as our Product of the Week. Our Potomac Trail offers a real test and a great way for children to safely get fit and have fun at the same time.


Items in the range have been specially designed to bring a variety of obstacles for children to be challenged by and overcome, as well as complement your existing equipment to assist in the compliance with Ofsted’s requirements for physical education.


The Potomac Trail includes our Jelly Board, Rope Bridge, Zig-Zag Beam, Rope Walk, Stepping Logs, Stilts and Swinging Log. All of these products can be enjoyed by children whilst they test balance, co-ordination and develop social skills and other fundamental skills, producing an overall package!


The best thing about our Trim Trail is the ability to mix and match products to your own preference and playground requirements. For example you can take our Potomac Trail as an initial starting point but can add, remove or even swap Trim Trail items to better suit the size and budget of your playground.


We design all of our equipment to allow children to develop fundamental skills as well as providing equipment to ensure hours of fun are guaranteed!


A lot of schools now chose Trim Trails for Physical Education lessons for KS1 and KS2 age groups which is great, Holiday Parks and Visitor Attractions have also become more inclined to use a Trim Trail to use in-between or around other playground equipment.


Using Safety Surfacing to create the look of a pathway under any of our trim trail circuits also adds unique feature to the area and provides children with a suggested route to follow.



If you’re looking to update your existing playground and like the look and sound of the Potomac Trail or any Trim Trails, get in contact today on 01244 375627 or email [email protected]


Creative Play design, manufacture and install all our equipment right here in Chester, so be rest assured you will receive great service through your playground development.