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Product of the Week: Octavia Shelter

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Product of the Week: Octavia Shelters

Our Octavia Shelters are perfect for any playground environment with many forms of use. They are perfect for taking the classroom outside to providing shelter and a place to relax for parents whilst accompanying children to the park. This is why this week it has made it to Product of the Week!

The shelter comes complete with seats, sides and flooring. They have a great range of exciting options to allow us to tailor your shelter to your needs. As well as coming in different shapes and sizes! The shelter comes in a 4m, 5m and 6m option and can also be purchased as a half shelter for those smaller playgrounds!

The shelters allow you to take the classroom outside and opens the class to the outdoor world! They are great for storytelling and promoting social activities through learning or play.

There are many different optional extras that can be added to the shelter to keep children engaged, these include Music Panels such as the Xylophone, Rain wheel, Cymbals, Glockenspiel, Bat pipes, Drums, Chimes and Bells.

These will inspire a love of music from the earliest stages up to KS2 and are easy to play, let children create their own music!

As well as the music panels, why not get creative and add a black board or white board? This will really allow you to take the classroom outside and get the children involved!

The Octavia Shelter also comes with the option to remove the flooring and even remove both the flooring and side boards or even remove the seating as well to create a canopy, the possibilities are endless!

The shelter does come with the option to have a ramp for wheel chair access and seating or no seating. The 4m Octavia shelter offers seating for up to 21 children, the 5m shelter offers seating for up to 28 children and the 6m offers seating for up to 35 children.

With all the different options and sizes why not incorporate a shelter into your outdoor play area. They are guaranteed to be a hit with all children especially with the music panels and drawing boards.

Also, they are a great feature for lunch/break times as the Octavia will provide shelter during sunny days, and protections from the rain on rainy days! The overall package from one piece of playground equipment!


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