Product of the Week: Jungle Climber Combi without Slide

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Our Jungle Climber Combi without Slide may be a relatively new product at Creative Play, but it is already proving a great addition to our extremely popular Jungle Climber Range.

Designed to provide challenging and risky play opportunities for children in the playground, we have used round timbers for the main structure to simulate trees and fulfil children’s natural desire to climb them – this encourages children to use their imagination for unstructured play and is great fun all around!

With a more elevated height compared to our Mini, Midi, Maxi and Micro, the Jungle Climber Combi without Slide is one of the most challenging products in the Jungle Climber range. It includes a log climber, 2 notched ladders, a criss-cross climber, a net with climbing blacks, a cargo net, a super spiral climber, a net wall and climber.

These all contribute to a great playground addition as multiple children can climb and play together- perfect for encouraging both physical play and social interaction.

Constructed from our robust round timbers, all our Jungle Climbers are designed and manufactured to an incredibly high standard. They are extra durable, long lasting and look perfect in any well-loved outdoor space.

Both our Jungle Climber Combi and Jungle Climber Combi without Slide, are new products here at Creative Play and they have already proven to be very popular!

Suitable for children aged 5-11, our Jungle Climber Combi without Slide is ideal for a wide variety of playgrounds, including schools, visitor attraction and holiday parks.

Overall the Jungle Climber Combi without Slide offers a host of engagement to keep children active for hours and guarantees to provide fun throughout.

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