Robert Le Kyng Primary School

Westcott Street, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN1 5HS

Budget: £40,000 - £45,000

Dart Activity Centre - AC101

from £6487

Jungle Climber Mini - JC101

from £4145

Ball Catcher (With Distance Thermo Markings) - CP066

from £1995

Chimes - MP107

from £849

Cymbals - MP102

from £949

Rope Walk - CH119

from £998

Tyre Crossing - CH116

from £998

Climbing Wall - CH127

from £1298

A-Frame Double Net - CH128

from £1397

Rubber Mulch Safety Surfacing - SUR102

Price on Enquiry

BRIEF: Robert Le Kyng Primary School in Swindon contacted us earlier in the year following the release of our educational mailer in February.

The existing playground at the school was a blank, grassed and tarmac area containing a shelter and a tyre area, which gave us the freedom to be really creative with their playground development. The school requested equipment that was suitable for both KS1 and KS2, and they particularly wanted to place emphasis on sports and physical play, with plenty of climbing options to encourage development of the student’s fundamental movement skills.

Taking this on board, we installed our popular Dart Activity Centre as the main focus for climbing and physical play. Packed with different play features including a slide, Clatterbridge and Tyre Crossing, this piece of equipment caters for multiple children at once, encouraging them to work together as they play. We also installed our Jungle Climber Mini and a Trim Trail area packed with great equipment to get the children active and provide them with a challenging route to traverse around. A basketball court and a selection of our Musical Playboards were also added to the area, to encourage teamwork between the pupils and develop creative and imaginative skills.

We finished off the area by installing our rubber mulch safety surfacing which provides an aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly option due to the recycled nature of the product. It also ensures that the area meets all British and European safety requirements.