Buttons Day Nursery

99 Oaklands Road, Hanwell, London, W7 2DT

Budget: £15,000 - £20,000

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Timber Sandbox - SB104

from £1197

Water Play Midi One - WSP103

from £3043

Timber Playhouse Arc - TPH102

from £3471

Funky Mirror - PB105

from £545

Messy Play Table - NUR161

from £798

Zebra Cross - PM222

from £50

Traffic Light X 2 - PM221

from £75

Parking Bays - PM213

from £20

After meeting at an NMT Agenda event, Buttons Day Nursery wanted Creative Play to provide more play opportunities to their existing nursery garden. A tarmac play area, we knew that we wanted to incorporate some sort of safety surfacing but still leave enough tarmac to allow the children to play on their trikes and scooters. We ran with this idea and incorporated a central thermoplastic roadway with zebra crossing and traffic light designs.

Our Mini Mound Tunnel and Artificial Grass Safety Surfacing were then placed inside the roadway to create an additional play zone ideal for imaginative play. A Timber Playhouse Arc was also included to provide a sheltered play space. Additional sensory play items such as our Water Play Midi One, Timber Sandbox and Messy Play Table were then incorporated throughout the space to provide an even wider variety of outdoor play opportunities.