For all young children, learning how to play with water is crucial to their development. Waterplay allows children to experiment with the flow and movement of water and improve upon their communication and social skills in the process, as they interact with other children.

As part of the waterplay selection in the Creative Play brochure, we have a water wall, with tubes to play around with the movement of water, a kitchen play area with shelves and water trays, utensils and recipe chalk boards to help with a bit of cooking role play, and a range of other equipment that utilises waterplay. Playing with water is fun, and working out its effect on different situations is a way of children problem solving on their own, and improving their team work when working it out in small groups on the playground.

We wanted to be sure that all waterplay equipment to be built to the highest standards of quality and safety, which is why we design and built everything at our Chester headquarters. All timber products are treated with arsenic-free and chrome-free preservatives to ensure they are protected against decay and insect attack for up to 20 years, and the rest of the equipment has been designed to ensure all joints and fastenings are secure and tamper proof. We have a range of guarantees (from 1-year up to 20 –years) as part of the Creative Play range.

Learning to play with water is full of enjoyment and crucial for the development of children as they figure out more about their senses and the way water works when in contact with other objects. If you would like to add a waterplay feature to your playground, whether a nursery, school or council-owned playground we are here to help. Call us on 01244 375627 and we’ll visit you for a free consultation, putting together a thorough proposal based on your budget, project and size.