Sensory Gardens (Timber Planters)

Sensory gardens have become a fantastic innovation, and a staple to many nurseries and schools. They are planting areas that have been carefully planned and designed to allow plants to grow in a way in the five senses are highlighted and pleased. Good sensory play equipment is an amazing way for children to learn about sight, touch, scent, taste and sound, and develop their personalities in the process whilst interacting with nature.

Finding the right range of sensory outdoor equipment can add a really fun and educational feature to the garden of a school, nursery or home. Children will have no end of fun exploring the way the sensory play equipment engages with their senses and helps them to process new information and reinforce helpful life skills. Here at Creative Play, we offer a wide selection of sensory products, including sensory outdoor equipment and sensory garden equipment, which are specifically designed with these educational benefits in mind.

With our range of sensory garden equipment options, you have the capacity to build your sensory garden in whichever way you wish. You can select from our product range with the help of one of our experts, or even get the children involved and ask them what they would like to add to the garden once it has been started, building up as you go. Giving the young people a sense of ownership over their sensory garden adds even more enjoyment to their connection with their new outdoor sensory play equipment.

We have a lovely range of planters, including timber planters with seats, so that the children can sit close by to the flowers they’ve helped to grow, identify different species and take in their scent, teaching them a range of features of the natural world. In addition to the planters, our sensory outdoor equipment options include our bird boxes and wormery items, as well as fencing, trellis and timber bridge choices for decoration.

With the range of options we have on offer, your sensory garden equipment can turn your playground space into a calm and soothing play area of your dreams! Taking children outdoors and teaching them about seeds and plants and how to engage with wildlife and nature is a wonderful thing. Our range of sensory garden equipment has all been built here at our headquarters so we know 100% that everything is safe to use and has a long-lasting life span, designed to help with the development of children and their senses.

As well as visual style, our range of outdoor sensory play equipment also offers durability and lasting quality, with all of our timber products are treated to ensure they are protected against decay and insect attack for 20 years, with a guarantee included for that duration. We are passionate about providing schools, parks and nurseries around the UK with play options that last, with our sensory products a key part of this guarantee, as we know that sensory play equipment can help promote inclusivity for children of all backgrounds and ages.

If you would like to put together a sensory garden for your playground or play area please do not hesitate to call us on 01244 375627, or fill out the simple email form on our website and a member of our team will happily call you back to arrange a free consultation at your location. We believe in forging long-standing relationships with our customers, which is why all of our products have lasting quality and warranty options to ensure you have peace of mind. Give us a call today and get your children’s senses active in their new garden space!