Sandplay (sandbox)

Sandplay is crucial to the development of young children. A sandbox allows kids as young as nursery-goers to have fun with the feel of sand through their fingers and feet. They can dig in, mould

A popular piece of equipment in many nurseries and schools, the sandbox has been designed with the development of children in mind, and with a sandbox such as ours your children from under 5s up to 7 years old will be able to sit around the box and learn through play. It also comes with a sliding lid that is durable and robust, so when the sandbox is not being used by the children, or the weather isn’t quite right, you know you can cover it up without damaging the equipment.

As with any of our wooden playground equipment, the sandboxes at Creative Play have been designed and built at our Chester headquarters with longevity and safety in mind. All timber is pressure treated with chrome-free and arsenic-free preservatives, protecting it against insect attack and decay for the duration of the 20-year guarantee that is included as part of the purchase.

Adding a sandbox to the repertoire of exciting and fun playground equipment at your premises is a wise choice. If you’d like to find out more about the different types of sandplay on offer from Creative Play, call us on 01244 375627 or fill out the simple email form and we’ll be in touch. We have teams available to visit you on-site across the UK and we are keen to establish long-term relationships, ensuring safety for years to come at your playground.