Role Play is crucial to the development of young children, providing them with a playful insight into the adult world, as well as firing their imaginations in the fantasy realm of the books they’ve been reading and had read to them. The playground you are managing, whether a commercial space, schoolyard or council park, has the potential to become a place of many lands. Choosing the right role playing equipment is an integral part of this.

Learning about Fire Engines and how they can help save people’s lives is easier to do if there is a playground fire engine for kids to ride on, the same for a toddler train. Teaching children about commerce and basic maths can be helped along via the playboard shop fronts that we have available as part of our stock. If you are looking more for the fanciful delights of a story for children to get lost in and make their own adventures, a pirate ship might be the best route, allowing the kids to set sail within their own imaginations!

Creative Play has evolved over 25 years to include a large team of installation experts around the UK. We have kept our core beliefs in the integrity of our products and long-term safety of the children who use the playgrounds we work with. With this in mind, all of our products come with guarantees, ranging from 1 to 20 years depending on the type of product. All wooden playground equipment, for instance, is designed and built in-house, with the timber treated to ensure it is protected against infestation for 20 years.

There is nothing better than watching children play different roles out in the yard. Whether they are pretending to be a captain of a ship, holding court at the centre of a tepee or riding the toddler train, the smiles are evident of their enjoyment as they learn. If you would like to enhance your playground with some role play equipment you are in the right place. Email us using the simple form on this website, or give us a call on 01244 375627 and our team of friendly experts will be happy to assist you whatever your requirements and budget.