Canopies (Wooden Canopy)

We firmly believe that all good playgrounds are designed to make the most of the space they have available, and a wooden canopy (from our range of canopies) will help you do just that. A canopy is an easy way to turn outdoor areas that aren’t often used, into a space that can be utilised all-year round, which is particularly useful when it comes to a setting like playground canopies where children want to be outside every day.

Canopies can exploit space, creating not only an extra ‘play’ area, but also somewhere for seating, storage space for outdoor playground equipment at night time or when the weather is bad and can be used for various projects throughout the year or for different classes in schools. It can often be a blank canvas for you to be imaginative with and use in any way you see fit to help the development of the children using the space.

As part of our selection of canopies, we have both school canopies, and shelters for planters to ensure your garden is covered from the elements and big top for kids to have fun and host their ‘events’ no matter the weather. We also have our basic shelters, which ensure there is somewhere outside for the kids to run around in, if it’s raining or shining (mostly raining we know in the British climate!).

With any wooden structure you have to be mindful of the future potential pitfalls, such as infestation or natural wear and tear from contractions linked to changing temperatures throughout the year. This is true with all of the wooden items in our range, including our playground shade canopy and triangle shade canopy options.

Thankfully, at Creative Play we understand this and make sure to build everything on-site with these considerations in mind, treating all timber equipment with arsenic-free and chrome free preservatives, which guard against such problems. We also offer a 20-year guarantee with our wooden canopy.

If you’re looking out at the rain and an uncovered playground, with a group of children inside or back home because of the weather, Creative Play has the answers to help! Our friendly team are just a phone call away on 01244 375627 and we can put together a proposal based on your requirements. Our wooden canopy is a great product; sturdy, safe and most of all, offers flexibility for play.