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Key Stage 1 (KS1) & Key Stage 2 (KS2)

education bannerOutdoor play activities have become increasing important and can considerably improve a child’s personal and social skills. Transforming spaces into vibrant and exciting play areas by providing children with equipment that will be both fun and challenging helps to create an engaging environment.

Creative Play have a wide-range of playground equipment designed specifically to help develop and improve children’s fundamental skills and help support key curriculum objectives and requirements.

Our playground equipment helps to facilitate a full range of essential physical and social skills that are important to children’s experience and progress by encouraging them to learn through engaging outdoor playtime, and stimulating activities within all the key stages of their development.

A well-designed play area and cross-curriculum linked playgrounds help stimulate activity, excitement, imagination, social skills and behavioural changes, while promoting multi-sensory engagement and positive behaviour, all contributing to the overall key development benefits.

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Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Creative Play approach each Early Years playground development as a bespoke inspirational environment that is uniquely targeted towards the needs of every child at this crucial stage of their development.

Our equipment is designed specifically to assist with this important development and to allow children to explore their physical, psychological and social abilities. From climbing, roadways, den-making, sensory surfacing to water play equipment; there is something stimulating for all ages and ability levels.

Our Early Years playground designs and products have been developed with this in mind to encourage:

Kinaesthetic Learning
Promoting exploration
Empowering the imagination of children
Over, under, through
Open-ended play
Developing gross and fine motor skills
Improve mobility, spatial awareness and co-ordination
Inclusive play, equal access to play opportunities
A well-designed play area can significantly promote physical activity, excitement, imagination, social skills and positive behavioural changes, while promoting multi-sensory engagement.

Our experienced advisors understand that EYFS play environments must support additional opportunities for learning outside of the classroom, as children learn in different ways and at different rates, our designs are flexible for these requirements.

Popular Products For Early Years Foundation Stage

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Special Educational Needs (SEN)

All children require good quality playtime in order for them to develop and stay healthy. At Creative Play we understand that children with special needs require bespoke playground equipment, we have a wide range of products with this firmly in mind.

With a designated place to play, it helps encourage children to develop and grow (improve mobility, spatial awareness and co-ordination), while allowing them to have fun safely. It provides them with the opportunity to participate in high quality physical activity as well as encouraging them to learn while they play.

Creative Play have the ability to tailor-make our products to specific requirements or amend existing items to accommodate special needs, for example, wheelchair friendly ramps, handrails, wheelchair accessible picnic benches, larger balancing areas to encourage balance and co-ordination.

Our experienced advisors are sensitive towards the needs and requirements of special needs children and we can provide tailored equipment that will meet your specific requirements.