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Here at Creative Play, we believe that play should always combine fun with learning experiences. Our professionals design playground equipment that stimulates children’s learning and development, both mentally and physically. We‚have created a range of vibrant equipment that can be used to customise your play environment and bring it to life. Our professionals are qualified to deliver a space that intrigues as much as it develops your child’s abilities. Your children play in a way that appeals to all of their senses in a safe environment that has been built for their benefit.

We have extensive experience in distributing playground equipment. For over 25 years, we‚have worked closely with various schools, local councils and public parks. We are known to be a reliable provider of playground solutions throughout the UK. Our experience has equipped us to meet the needs of a wide range of clients, working with a variety of location sizes and budget requirements. Wherever you are in Altrincham, we can come to your location for a free consultation and find exactly what you want to achieve.

In addition to providing equipment that is unparalleled in its durability, our play consultation ensures that you get the equipment that matches your space and your children’s needs. Whether you are a school, an individual, or local council, we are ready to offer you the right playground equipment for your playground and your budget. We have a myriad of options and varieties that will your child’s play needs and revolutionise their leisure time. Children love to play because it provides them with an opportunity to experience the sheer fun and excitement that interaction with other children can bring. However, they are still children and it is our responsibility to ensure they are safe, which is something we take very seriously at Creative Play. We adhere to the highest safety standards and only work with the best quality materials. We aim to help children to develop both physically and mentally, alongside offering fun and exciting play.

This will ensure that your child grows and develops in the best way possible. Whatever your budget or location type, we‚are able to provide you with a solution that will provide your children with fun and enjoyment for years to come. Our expert knowledge of design and sensory play means that children will come on in leaps and bounds once they begin using our equipment. Just imagine how your playground location can be transformed with such colourful and inventive equipment.

Creative Play offers a number of playground options for children to enjoy outside in the open. We aim to provide experiences that are both exhilarating and healthy for little ones. Our equipment also offers plenty of educational benefits by aiding children’s cognitive development. If you‚ would like to discuss a new project with us, you can get in touch today and chat about the different play solutions we can bring to your setting.

We‚ would love to have a more detailed conversation about finding the best option for your setting.

Please contact us on 01244 375627 or via email at [email protected] You can request a callback, or even book in your own free playground consultation, both at our website

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