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Planters & Growing

Compost Wormery - SG112

from £995

Bug Hotel - SG113

from £995

Small Bug Hotel - SG114

from £695

Bird Hotel - SG115

from £495

Vertical Planter - SG116

from £495

Squirrel Feeder Maze - SG117

from £695

Allotment Planter - SG118

from £795

Growhouse - SG119

from £995

Small Viewing Planter - SG111

from £306

Viewing Planter - SG110

from £454

One-20 Planter - NUR142

from £245

Sleeper Planter - NUR141

from £245

1M Square Planter - PL110

from £395

Planter 1.2M X 0.5M - PL111

from £375

Planter 2.0M X 0.5M - PL102

from £495

Planter 3M X 0.50M - PL113

from £695

Planter 1.5M X 0.50M - PL112

from £495

Timber Planter & Seat - PL101

from £645

Digging Planter Miniature Garden - CP069

from £1985

Digging Planter Allotment - CP068

from £1485

Creative Play design and build a range of sensory play school planters that can provide a perfect fit for your location. In addition to a playground, or as a standalone feature, our range of high-quality outdoor planters offer a great place to grow a variety of plant items. 

Whether you want to grow flowers as a decorative feature, or plant vegetables as part of an ongoing class project, our planters offer a robust and stylish space for new life to grow! In addition to playground equipment planters, we also offer fun and educational items such as bug hotels, squirrel feeders and miniature gardens!

Having designed playground spaces in schools and nurseries around the country, we’re ideally placed to advise you on which of our school planter options could go best alongside your playground. We also offer different size and colour options to provide the best fit for your specific setting.

To speak to us in more detail about any of the playground planters in our outdoor planters range, get in touch with our team today. We’d be more than happy to talk you through all of the available options and help you to find the perfect choice for you.